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How To Pay

 Our Customers have asked for a more secure way to pay where they can stay discreet. So as always we listened to our customers and have set up moneypak. A moneypak is a card that you can pick up in a store near you to pay for your order. You can find a moneypak location near you by following the directions below.    

1) Go to https://www.attheregister.com/locations

2) Inside the green box at the top there is an option to “buy a moneypak” click this option

3) Enter your zip code in the search area and search 

4) After you have went to the store and purchased this moneypak scratch the back to find the code

5)fill out the payment form located at huffnpuff.us/payments

After your order has been paid for you will receive an email stating that your package has now shipped. Please note if you need assistance locating a location near you please email our team using the need a location page or using the form located at huffnpuff.us/contact. Our team will be happy to help you find a location   

About Us

  Why would you not order something that you want for cheaper? That is money that you are saving to do other luxurious things that you want to do, and if you can get the same quality the same exact product that they offer on the street and your not even sure if it’s the real deal? Than is that not a better option? Here at HuffNPuff we believe it is. Your Favorite Strain is delivered straight to your door in an unmarked package. This is why we started HuffNPuff, where you get the strain you want at the cheapest price.  

Our Guarantee

  We guarantee first off that you will receive your products. Unlike many online retail companies of Chronic, where they don't care about making the customer happy like we do. They don't deliver there products. Well we don't believe in that you bought the product and you should receive it. This is important to us at HuffNPuff. We also guarantee that our products come straight from the manufacturer they literally come out of production and are shipped to one of our many sorting centers. They go from the sorting center and are delivered discreetly to your door in an unmarked package. That is the whole process. Most importantly we guarantee that the consumer (that is you) is happy with not only your transaction but also your product.     


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What Sets Us Apart

 Buying weed online? Where can you buy marijuana online? What’s the benefits of buying weed online and having it shipped to your door? These are the questions that most of our new customers ask themselves. The answer is not always so readily available. People but marijuana online for many reasons. Some people don’t like going to a shady dealer in a dark alleyway. Other people can’t good deals on there weed. So why should you buy from huffnpuff? HuffNPuff offers some of the best deals online, with out quick customer service response time, and quick delivery it’s a no brained to use our site. Let’s face the facts if you want to save money on something you cannot just go to your dealer and expect him not to rip you off. However we can guarantee that HuffNPuff will be there the whole time, if you have issue with any of our products we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. Our products are selected from the best strains on earth. However if you are looking for a strain and we don’t have it let us know and we might be able to locate it for you. We want to thank you for using HuffNPuff and just remember we are here to meet any of your needs